About us


About us

Stubelj d.o.o. is a Slovenian generating set manufacturer. Our company produces diesel, gas, dual fuel and alternative fuels generating sets for a known customer therefore each product is prepared exactly on customer requests. The production range is from 10 – 3500 kVA. We use only quality components from well known manufacturers (Volvo, Perkins, Iveco, MTU, MAN engines and Stamford, Leroy Somer, MeccAlte, Marelli and Sincro alternators).

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Complete design and complete production of generating sets is done in our company. Because of this we are very flexible in the generating set dimensions, fuel tank volume, noise level, specific electrical cabinets and changeovers (ATS).

We can offer manual control panel, automatic and parallel control panel with synchronization and parallel operation with mains and/or other generating sets.

Our specialty is the design and production of cogeneration generating sets (CHP).

For production of CHP units (cogeneration of heat and power) we use original MAN, Perkins and Mitsubishi engines. Cogeneration units have a high efficiency and this allows low costs of electricity and heat. We have other benefits from a CHP such as: low operating costs, increased reliability of energy supply, large primary energy savings, production of environmentally friendly energy and reduced exhaust emissions.

Because of our quality and flexible production, high technical knowledge, guarantee, service and maintenance we can supply customers with high technical demands such as: hydro electric plants, hospitals, internet information centers, TV antenna stations, GSM network antenna and military objects, management buildings, industry complex, power plants, port crane gen sets, soya farms, and many others.

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