DEE L Series

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DEE L Series

Genset DEE L Series

DEE L Series

Power from 12 kVA to 37,6 kVA | 3000 rpm. | 50 Hz

Table:DEE L Series 50 Hz (click to enlarge)

DEE L Series

50 Hz - 400/230 V 3000 obr/min

Dimenzije in teže elektroagregatov brez ohišjaDimenzije in teže elektroagregatov z ohišjem (72±3 dBA - 7m)
TipMotorValjiProstornina (cm3)Poraba goriva pri 75% obremenitvi - g/kWhMoč maksimalna (kVA)Moč trajna (kVA)DxŠxV
Teža (kg)DxŠxV
Teža (kg)
DEE 12 LDW 702 2 686 299 12 11 1250x700x850 200 1250x700x1150 270
DEE 17,5 LDW 1003 3 1028 258 17,5 15,9 1750x900x850 280 1750x900x1400 460
DEE 23,4 LDW 1404 4 1372 302 23,4 21,2 1750x900x580 295 1750x900x1400 485
DEE 28,7 LDW 1603 3 1649 280 28,7 26,1 1750x900x850 420 1750x900x1400 590
DEE 37,6 LDW 2204 4 2199 266 37,6 34,2 1750x900x1300 490 1750x900x1400 650

genset for island operation, standby and parallel operation with the network and / or other genset. standard equipment of the generating sets: engine cooling system, starter, alternator and exhaust silencer, alternator with automatic voltage regulator (avr), baseframe with fuel tank and the collecting vessel, basic wiring, batteries, coolant and lubricating oil.

Lombardini  Engines

Diesel engines, 4-stroke, direct injection, naturally aspired or turbocharged, suitable for continuous operation or standby operation. Lombardini diesel engines are technologically advanced and reliable. Engine manufacturer is investing heavily in the constant development of its products and ensures adequacy of all the highest standards. All the newer Lombardini engines are classified in engines class with the lowest emissions and lowest noise levels.


the alternators are synchronous, three-phase, brushless, self-regulated, self-excited, self-ventilated and 4 pole. insulation class h (temperature rise according to class f or b on request). tropical impregnation for salty-humid environment is possible on request. automatic voltage regulation. protection class ip21 or ip23 (other class on request).

Base Frame

steel construction - monobloc. anti-vibration mounting to eliminate the vibration. powder coated with primer and  cover color. the base frame is designed to enable simple lifting and moving the generating set.

Fuel Tank

the fuel tank is mounted on the inside of the base frame. under the fuel tank, a collecting vessel is mounted, which prevents outpouring of any liquid from the generating set into the environment. equiped with all necessary connectors and sensors. standard autonomy of the tank is 8-10 hours at 75% load. additional freestanding double wall tanks and automation for pumping fuel on demand.

Control Panels

manual – includes a manual control unit (push button / key start type), main circuit breaker, differential protection and all auxiliary controls and alarms.

automatic – includes an automatic control unit that starts the genset in case of mains failure (it can be started manually too), main circuit breaker, differential protection and all auxiliary controls and alarms, button for emergency stop, changeover genset / mains (ats) on request.

synchronization – automatic control cabinet for synchronization more generating sets and / or main electricity network and parallel operation. additional and special control and switching cabinets for genset on demand.

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