Military Equipment

Sub-assemblies for Land systems. Generators and shelters. Highest quality following customer technical specifications and requirements.


Development, design and manufacturing of high quality, low weight rugged shelters. Custom build shelters for the harshest environments and transport conditions. Shelters incorporate any EMI, RFI protection and EMC compatibility requirements.

Shelters are constructed from aluminium sandwich panels with polypropylene honeycomb or PET foam core. These panels can be additionally reinforced with aluminium tubes inserted in the panels during panel production. Aluminium panel skins 1,5 mm thick supports heavier equipment installation without additional reinforcement. Frameworks of the shelters can be produced from high strength extruded aluminium alloy beams or steel beams.

Shelter types: S-788, S-280, ISO20,

  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • All weather
  • Insulated
  • Full qualification to customer and military standards
  • RFI shielding

Transportable by: military truck (off-road), helicopter, cargo aircraft (such as C-130), rail, ship.

Shelters can be tested to confirm compliance with customer demands, standards and norms.


Rugged generators with high quality, reliability, and durability.

Our generator strengths:

  • EMC according to MIL-STD 461 E
  • Shock and vibration according to MIL-STD 810
  • Suitable for operation in harsh environments
  • Low noise
  • Weight and size savings
  • Minimal infrared signature
  • Design flexibility

Stubelj generators have significant operational benefits for all military services including reduced logistics footprint, improved mobility and transportability in addition to significant operations and maintenance cost savings

Transportable by: military truck (off-road), helicopter, cargo aircraft (such as C-130), rail, ship.

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